Football Coaches Civic Lesson

My late wife (she died last December) was a graduate of Southwestern at Memphis (second in the state only to my alma mater, the University of the South, Sewanee) and taught Civics and American History for three years prior to our marriage. After we married, we were moving around as we from church to church, and she was not able to teach Civics and/or American History. The problem seemed to be that she could not coach football. On more than one occasion we lamented the public awareness of Civics and American History even though we generally supported different candidates and met in a political argument. The sad fact is that the public IQ in Civics and American History is appallingly low or Civically Challenged to say the least.
Evidence of this condition has run rampant through our country for the last several years. The Supreme Court has no business settling presidential elections. It is a far stretch to go from “We the people” to “We the people and corporations are people.” Free speech has gained a dollar sign. The Civil Rights Act has suffered badly with the allowance of stringent election rules and turning college entrance rules into a local option. And now local option also applies to who leads prayers at governmental gatherings. I wonder when WASP communities will invite the local Islamic Imam to open the city council meeting with a prayer. Local option allows for the exclusion of those not part of the majority. Roger Williams must be turning over in his grave. (Williams was the standard bearer for religious freedom, the founder of Rhode Island, providing a home for the first Jewish Synagogue in the United States.) I doubt if “coach” covered that in Civics and it is difficult to teach with xx’s and oo’s.
Nor did he cover much about the process of becoming a member of the Supreme Court. The President nominates, the Senate has hearings and gives consent, and the person is seated. You may need to know that the present court (five of which were nominated by the Bushes) has a predictable bias, favoring conservative positions twice as often as progressive positions – 66% to 33%. This is the basis for the current remaking of the U. S. Constitution and eliminating the social progress of the last seventy years.
Then there is what I would call “Election Speak.” It becomes obvious to some people that the system needs to give an ear to minimum wage workers, should back off from rigid election, should not alienate minorities, and get with the program of immigration reform. This is from no less that Rand Paul. Some of this came out while he was speaking if Afro-American ministers in Memphis. Don’t get me wrong, I would welcome news that Rand Paul had had his own Road to Damascus experience. Of course John Boehner urged the House of Representatives to get to work and start doing things legislative (rather than continuing Obama bashing – my addendum and not his.) It would be a very welcomed sight to see the “radical conservative” become “moderate conservatives” and deal with the issues of low income, voting accessibility, improved opportunities for minorities, and immigration reforms. It would sure widen their election base.
The gigantic problem is that such legislation could easily be overturned by our new un-legislating Supreme Court. If 5 to 4 is bad, what do you expect from 6 to 3? Your Civics Class should have covered that one.
Now if I could only diagram the off tackle option series with a deep fly pattern for a play action pass play.


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